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Welcome to my website

MyWebsite demonstrates use of Django and Bootstrap in developing interactive websites like this one rapidly and leveraging on a model-view-template design pattern. This website contains various pages, each having a unique design and approach in unpacking the functionalities and richness of Bootstrap and Django.

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Bootstrap is a widely used Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. It is a free and open-source web development framework designed to ease the web development process of websites focusing on responsiveness and mobile-interactivity, and it also comes with a collection of syntax for various template designs.

Bootstrap Docs


A widely used Python web framework in developing websites from scratch and rapidly and comes shipped with several functionalities. Django has a rich Object Relational Model (ORM) functionality that favors rapid development via objects attributes to respective table fields and an Model Template View (MTV) architecture just to mention a few. It also has a great, active development community.

Django Docs